Career Advancement Grant

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What you need to know about Career Advancement Awards that support Colorado creative entrepreneurs and artists.

Reimbursable, matching funds up to $2,500 support Colorado creative entrepreneurs and artists to help stimulate their commercial creative business. The goal is that awardees will achieve tangible business benefits such as increased revenue, new audiences or improved management practices.


Thursday November 2 4:00 pm
Award Amount
$500 - $2,500
Eligibility Snapshot
  • Colorado resident, 18 years or older
  • Individual artist/creative entrepreneur OR Creative sector business (commercial or for-profit only)
  • Eligible applicants have not received funding from CCI within 12 months from application deadline.
Case Study

Anne Scott

Anne Scott is an exemplary Colorado creative who is based in the Pueblo Creative Corridor. Not only is Anne an active artist in a Colorado Certified Creative District, she received a competitive Career Advancement Award from CCI with the strategic focal point of “fashion arts.” Through that award, Anne developed a “Worn Majesty” project that focuses on providing sustainable women’s clothing made from HEMP. The project’s purpose is to encourage redesign and experimentation with previous fashion concepts. On top of her involvement with Colorado Creative Industries, she received a scholarship to attend the Leading Edge Program through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). This is an eleven week program that offers entrepreneur training and business plan development technical assistance. Anne Scott is one of many creatives inspiring Colorado.